Football in the dome.!

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At the football game in the TWA dome.
Angie and Danny in the stadium.

Note the guy in the background with the hard hat on. He SCREAMED for every play during the game. He sat behind us.
Bill and Danny, this was my first time in a domed stadium. It was almost overwhelming at first. Very different and the crowd noise was deafening at times! I still do not understand how the players could possibly hear the quarterback calling the signals.
The field. (duh)
Robyn and Angie. There were two VERY LOUD AND SCREAMING fans behind us during the game. One of them is in the background in the first photo. One guy was for St Louis and the other for the Dallas Cowboys, so no matter what happened on the field, one of them was always YELLING. The two screaming/yelling fans never got into a fight which surprised us.
This is at the sports bar at the hotel after the game. Danny is taking the photos.
Another photo by Danny. Danny was trying to catch Robyn with food in her mouth but Robyn was to crafty.
Angie in the bar
Angie giving me a dirty look cause I just told a bad joke.
All four of us just as it's time to say goodbye. Robyn flies back to Manhattan and we drive back to Tulsa.
Me driving us home, we averaged approx 80 mph. Later in the evening when we were about 2/3 of the way home, Robyn called on the cell phone telling us she was home. I think we will fly next time.
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