We take a trip to St Louis to go to an NFL football game!

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At Bob and Kim's new house and Saturday to meet Robyn, Downtown St Louis.
At Bob and Kim's house late friday night.
Bob and Kim in the living room.
Bob being mean to Danny.
Saturday afternoon, downtown St. Louis after driving from Bob and Kim's house to meet up with Robyn, a long time friend who lives in Manhattan, (New York City)
Angie and Robyn as we walk to the St Louis Arch Saturday afternoon after meeting up with Robyn. Robyn works for the NFL and was kind enough to get our hotel and game tickets to the NFL game!
Thank you Robyn.
Angie, Robyn and Danny near the St Louis Arch.
Danny, Robyn and Danny near the St Louis Arch.
Photo of the Arch taken by Danny, I love this photo.
Down at the Mississippi river. Danny took the photo.
Another Arch photo taken by Danny. We went to the top the next day.
Just walking along the river Saturday. You can see the Arch in the background.
We took at carriage ride around the "Landing" in St. Louis. The Landing is where many resturants and bars are down by the river. (That is not us in the carriage)
Robyn and Danny in the carriage.
Robyn and Danny in the carriage. Danny trying to be "cool" as Robyn teases him.
Bill and Angie in the carriage.
This photo of Danny was taken Sunday morning as we ate breakfast and after we went up into the arch. Right after this we walked over the the TWA Stadium to see the St Louis Rams play against the Dallas Cowboys!
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