We take a trip to St Louis to go to an NFL football game!

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At Bob and Kim's new house.
Bob and Kim have a VERY nice house!
These are photos from Bob and Kim's camera.

This is Bob showing us the proper way to rack the balls when playing 8-ball pool.
The pool table is in the HUGE basement.
Angie and Bill in the living room at Bob and Kim's house.
Angie and Kim down in the basement.
Angie and Bill in the basement.
The pool table is to my right.
Bill and Danny messin around.
Bill and kim in the driveway, That's Bob's boat behind us.
Bob's boat is in storage now.
Bill, the pool shark, lining up. I played Bob in a few games of pool and I didnt even come close to winning a game, Bob is good at pool!
Bob and Danny in the living room.
another shot in the basement. I'm sluggin beer so fast my arm is a blur. ha ha
Danny in the basement.
Danny messin around
Danny lining up.
Bill and Kim, We are looking through a photo album of Bob's old childhood photos.
All of us in the driveway, except Danny who took the photo.
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