The Great Driveway Project.
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The great driveway project.
Installing a garage door!
No hole for a door? Make one!
Feb 22 2003
Where the garage door will be.
Tearing off the siding, revealing that our house was once a slime green color!
I have the wall cut out and it's about to come down!
The wall is falling down. I'm inside pushing it.
Welp, it's down, now what do I do?

Install some support beams before the roof collapses!
Here is the new door! (after much work)
Angie inspecting the new door. She likes it. :)
This is looking from the inside. You can see the tracks and stuff for the door. Angie helped alot with setting up the tracks for the door.
It snowed the day I did all the work inside the garage to "hang" the new door. The broken siding will be replaced as soon as it warms up a little outside.
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