The Great Driveway Project.
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2nd weekend of laying stones
So far, we have layed down approx 1,920 paving stones.
Work under way as we finish laying the "straight shot" to the back of the back yard.
Angie lays the stones while I wheelbarrow them from the front drive way to the back yard. I haul em, Angie puts em down.
This is after a full day's work, we have reached the back of the back yard. Way down at the far end, we will make it twice as wide so two cars can park side by side. Ultimately, some day, there will be a car port back there.
This is the back wall of our existing garage. Soon, I will be attacking this wall with a chain saw in order to install a garage door there.
Thought this night shot looked cool. Danny says it looks like the "end of the universe" That long black thing laying there is the steel edging that we put on the edges to keep the stones from spreading out and apart over time.
Weekend number three. Saturday Nov, 23, 2002
The saga continues.
More boring photos. The project is getting boring so the photos should to! :-)
(All photos by our official driveway photgrapher, Danny.

This exciting photo shows Angie making the parking area at the end of the driveway.
A riveting photo showing Bill, who is all excited about lugging these da*m rocks to the back yard. (smile)
Bill and Angie down at the end.
The rays of the driveway gods are cascading down upon Angie through the trees. Angie is not aware of the miraculous blessing from above.
"Load 16 tons and wadda ya get."
"Another day older and deeper in debt"
Angie laying our driveway. Does this look boring? (It is)
Gee, I wonder why our backs hurt after doing this all day?... hmmm, naa, couldn't be from leaning over 2,300 times!
Where we left off at the end of the day. This is where we will be parking our cars, It doesn't look like it, but it is 18' 5" wide. We will eventually put a car port and or garage back here.
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