The Great Driveway Project.
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The great driveway project.
Labor intensive!
Got bricks? Make driveway!
First photo of where the driveway will be.
(Sorry out of focus)
Nov 9, 2002
Looking down from the house. We are still in the planning stage trying to figure out if there is enough room.
This is the back of the grarage.
The little attached shed will be gone and there will be a garage door on the back of the garage so we can drive through the garage.
After digging and digging down to the hard dirt. I couldnt figure out how to get it level.
We couldnt get a tractor or a small BobCat into the back yard so we had to level it ourselves by hand. I needed a long straight thing to drag accross the dirt to make it level so I used our ladder. It workd really well!
Bill pulling the ladder. I used some old roofing to weight it down a bit. We spent a lot of time figuring out if the soil will settle over time. After talking to Angies fellow lanscapers and feeling (stomping) on the dirt, we figured the soil could bear the weight of cars driving over it. The soil will settle a little bit, but not enough to matter.
Pulling and dragging to get it level. I probably made at least 20 passes over the dirt with our ladder to get it level.
Angie laying the first paving stones!
Angie and Danny making the first line of stones. The string was used to get them straight.
Another shot of laying the first row of paving stones.
We had the paving stones deliverd to our house. They are in the driveway. This is Bill loading a wheelbarrow with paving stones.
A shot of the paving stones. Thirteen pallets of stones, all to be moved by hand into the back yard because there is no way to get em into the back yard right now.
Photo of our first day of laying the paving stones. This is three pallets worth of paving stones layed down. Only ten more to go! (whew!)
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