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Washington DC
Aug 2004
This is the hotel where we stayed in Washington DC on our second night.
Another shot of the hotel, it is an historical hotel, opened in 1901. It's where the term Lobbying came from.
Hotel lobby
Danny on the bed wearing the bath rob that was hanging in the bath room. Danny wanted to take it home.
I have no idea what this monument is. There a zillions of them all around Washington DC.
The White House. You cant get close to it at all these days.
Washington Monument.
Angie and Danny sitting at the "Freedom Plaza". Note the US capitol way back in the distance.
In the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. This lunar lander was used to train Neil Armstrong and Ed Aldrin for the first moon shot.
Had to take a photo of the cruise missile since I used to work around them.
The Wright Flyer. This is the REAL one!!
Back side of the Smithsonian.
Just a shot of Bill and Danny on the sidewalk in Washington. We walked a lot and our feet got sore!
At the World War II Memorial. Very, very impressive!
World War II Memorial.

World War II Memorial web page

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Bill embarrassing Danny at a restaurant somewhere.
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We watched as they did the changing of the guards. It's an emotional thing to witness.
Arlington Cemetery.
Danny at the Lincoln Memorial.
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