Here is something I thought I would share concerning what a friend of mine and I did once on the internet. There is a live web cam at Time Square, New York city. I have a good friend who lives in Manhattan. Well, one day we thought, what if she were to go stand on the street where the camera points, she would then call me on her cell phone when she got there, at which time I would go to the Times Square web cam on the internet, and maybe I would see her. We did just that one day, and it worked! It was a lot of fun. Just thought I would share something that was a lot of fun to do on the internet. I guess this proves that I really am a geek! ha ha ha ha

Here is a screen shot of her talking on the phone to me from Times Square.

Here is the web cam site if anyone is interested.

Here is another (better) live web cam from Times Square

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