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Family Photos

Built a true pendulum clock. .... June 19 2022
YouTube video of pendulum clock.

Built a small box for small tools. .... Nov 24 2021

Judy's 2003 Miata. .... Took a bunch of pictures cause she's thinking of selling it

Building a mantel. .... Building a mantel, June 2021, I dont like the end result!!

Building two end tables. .... Building two end tables out of old pallet wood., February 2020

Building a coffee table. .... Building a coffee table out of old pallet wood., August 2019

Building a table. .... Building a table out of old pallet wood., June 2016

Fireplace mantel build .... Building a fireplace mantel, May 2014

Kays 90th Birthday Party! .... River Oaks Counrty Club, Oklahoma City, Nov 25, 2013

Meet Charlie! .... Yellow Lab from Choctaw Oklahoma, eight weeks old when Angie brought him home. June 2013

Ski Taos Jan 2013 .... Skiing Taos, stayed in a really fun little condo right on the slopes. Jan 2013

Angie, Deborah, Tom and Betty go to Washington DC! .... A trip to Washington DC to see the WWII Memorials, Museums and Arlington. June 2012

Mothers Day ... Mothers Day at moms house. May 12 2012

Photos pilfered from Moms camera! ... Mom had a bunch of photos on her camera so I took them and am posting them. :) May 12 2012

Ski Santa Fe New Mexico 2012 ... We had another great time this year, excellent snow, excellent skiing! Jan 2-7 2012

Road trip to San Diego. ... Angie Danny and Jacob drive to San Diego for the fun of it. Aug 2011

Ski Santa Fe New Mexico 2011 ... We had a great time, excellent skiing and very few people, often times had the entire ski run to ourselves! Jan 5-8 2011

Two Mazda Miatas! ... We now have two Miatas in the garage! Bill liked Angie's Miata so much, he bought one of his own. Aug 2010

Angie's trip to England. ... Angie takes a trip to England with a group from Oklahoma State University, May 2010

Danny's Graduation. ... Danny graduates from Oklahoma Christian School May 24 2010

Bob and Kim come to visit mom. ... Bob and Kim come to visit, then get snowed in for two days. Jan 2009

Building a banister ... Building a banister to replace our old ugly one. Jan 2009

White Christmas 2009 ... Beautiful White Christmas at our house. 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 ... Thanksgiving at Jim and Bettys house 2009

Home made wood lathe, Nov. 2009 ... Home made wood lathe made from bicycle parts..

Manhattan 2009 ... A few days in Manhattan, Angie and Robyn go to the US Open Tennis Tournament, Danny and Bill go exploring.

Angie and Danny take a road trip to San Diego 2009

Ski Taos New Mexico 2009

Motorcycle Road Trip 2008 ... Long road trip with Stephen (Oct 2008)
Stephen's photos and narrative of our trip. ... Here is Stephen's web page and photos. Includes BETTER photos and maps of our route. (Dial-up users: Lots of photos, Sorry, takes a while to load, please be patient.)

Ohio Road Trip ... Angie Danny and Jacob drive to Ohio. (Aug 2008)

Jim and Betty retire! ... Retirement PARTY! (Aug 2008)

Ski Santa Fe 2008 ... Bill, Angie, Danny and Jacob Ski Santa Fe (March 2008)

Motorcycle Trip Oct 2007 ... 2067 miles total, 1000 miles on dirt roads through Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma (Oct 2007)
Stephen's photos and narrative of our trip. ... Stephen is the friend I drove with, here is his web page and photos. Includes maps of our route. (Dial-up users: Lots of photos, Sorry, takes a while to load, please be patient.)

Yakima 2007 ... Trip out to Yakima (July 2007)

Building a secret laboratory in the attic! ... Making usable space out of unused space in the attic. (June 2007)

Road trip to St. Louis ... Angie, Danny and Ross take a trip to St. Louis just for fun. (Aug 2006)

Bob breaks his back! ... Fun with Bob in the ER and Hospital!

Ski Taos ... Skiing in Taos New Mexico.

Angie Danny and Ross in Chicago ... Angie Danny and Ross took a road trip to Chicago to go see Angie's friend Sherri, Aug 2005.

Kokenge Family Get Together. ... Just a few photos from my camera. It was great to see everyone. Yakima Washington, July 2005.

Mike and Kim's Wedding!. ... Kim and Mike get married! Wedding photos! Perry Kansas April 2005.

Thanksgiving at the Grollmes house. ... Photos from the Grollmes house over thanksgiving, Eating! Dancing! and playing with trains!. Had a grerat time! (Nov 2004).

Vacation to East Coast ... Two pages of photos of us going to Washington DC then to Manhattan for a few days. (Aug 2004).

OSU Band Camp Concert ... These are some photos of the concert at the end of the OSU Band Camp that Danny attended for a week at Oklahoma St. Univ.. These photos were captured from a video tape so the images are not that good. (June 2004).

Kim's Graduation! ... Some fun photos of Kim Grollmes graduation party! (May 2004).

My BMW R100 ... My BMW R100 motorcycle I just bought (April 2004).

Skiing in Santa Fe. 2004 ... This years ski trip to Santa Fe New Mexico. Great skiing, the snow was a little wet this year.

Jim Grollmes ... Jim and Betty Grollmes come to visit from Perry Kansas!

Honoring Jean Holmberg ... Military graveside service honoring Jean Holmberg.

Jess and Cole horse back riding. ... Just a few shots of Jess and Cole horse back riding at Mikki and Danny's house. Dec 8 2002

Playing pool. ... Shots of Bob, Kim, Janna and Bill, Angie and Danny playing pool.

The Great Driveway Project!. ....We built a driveway. 20 tons of paving stones, one garage door and a LOT of sweat. 4 pages of photos.

Weekend trip to St Louis. ....The three of us drove to St Louis to see Bob and Kim and to meet up with a friend named Robyn who I worked with for 10+ years in San Diego. Robyn now lives in Manhattan and works for the NFL. She got us St Louis Rams football tickets and rooms at the Marriott hotel in Downtown St Louis. Thanks Robyn! It was a fun weekend!

Two black belts!. ....Photos of Danny's black belt testing June 8 and Angie's testing August 3

Photos from Mom and Dad..... Photos from the past.

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