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Update May 2018.
All cams are being setup/tested, so they might not be online.
Camera locations change/vary from my computer desk to out in
the backyard shop depending on whats being tested at the time.

GreenHouse Cam
Cam name="referb_cam" Foscam model FI9821P V2,
1280 x 960 Resolution, H.264 Image Compression

Foscam model FI8931P,
640 x 480 Resolution, MJPEG Image Compression

white-bad color cam
Foscam model FI8918W,
camera has bad color, no green.
640 x 480 Resolution, MJPEG Image Compression

Old old stuff, no longer updated

Family Photos

Kokenge Family

Stories about growing up in Kansas, by Kay Holmberg

Misc stuff. Things interesting, curious and fun.